What is a CTF?

A Capture the Flag (CTF) competition is a cybersecurity competition where teams compete to solve a series of challenges. These challenges usually revolve around specific topics such as web exploitation, binary exploitation, reverse engineering, forensics, cryptography, etc.
The goal of each challenge is usually to find a hidden piece of text, which is called the flag (hence the name of the competition). The flag can be hidden in a file, in a database, in a web page, in a binary, etc.

Who are you?

SEETF is run by Social Engineering Experts, a CTF team based in Singapore. We were ranked 1st in Singapore on CTFtime in 2022.
Our members come from various backgrounds in the technology industry, but we're all united by our passion for CTF competitions!

What if I've never done something like this before?

It can be intimidating, but this is the perfect opportunity to get your feet wet. We have challenges that span across various difficulty levels (look out for the beginner-friendly ones!), and learning from writeups after the CTF is over is a great way to become a better CTF player.

Who can participate?

Anyone who is a living, breathing human being.